• Considerations for Growing Your Construction Business

    The 2009 recession left many individuals without a job, businesses without customers, and an economy in ruins. Nearly every sector and industry were affected by this crippling recession. The construction industry being no different. It has taken many years to rebuild the economy and revitalize the job market, but now businesses are booming, and employment […]

  • Eco-Friendly Construction

    In lieu of all the natural disasters that have occurred recently, there has been a big push for individuals to take part in preserving the planet. Individuals are being asked to participate in “green” initiatives and businesses are encouraged to utilize eco-friendly practices. But, why should you care? Well, construction companies are in a great […]

  • Tips for Minimizing the Impact of Weather on Construction

    In the construction industry, encountering setbacks and delays can prove to be costly. Not only are they financially draining at times, but they can also extend the project’s timeline substantially. Setbacks due to poor communication and overbooking are results of human error and are 100% preventable. However, there are delays that occur which are caused […]

  • Relationship Marketing and Developing a Loyal Customer Base

    As competition within the construction industry continues to grow, developing a loyal customer base proves to be of utmost importance for businesses. Due to the nature of the industry and the fact that most competitors are equally as qualified and share similar pricing strategies, it is important to find other ways to differentiate your business […]

  • Shining Light on Space Definition

    When it comes to defining spaces, most people turn to furniture, flooring, or, the most obvious option, walls. A less obvious (but equally as useful) option for creating space definition is lighting.  For years, lighting fixtures have been used to “center” a room, defining the exact point at which the room should be arranged around.  […]