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Our Team

Donnie Singleton Donnie Singleton

Executive Vice President

Donnie Singleton

Two years after Chris-Tel Construction was founded, Howard’s life-long friend, Donnie Singleton joined the firm as a partner. Like Howard, Donnie is a fourth generation Floridian who had grown up in Fort Myers and is a veteran of the construction industry.

As Executive Vice President, Donnie is acutely aware that capital customer satisfaction is paramount to the success of Chris-Tel Construction. It is the core principle that drives him to have a hands-on approach to construction projects, whether commanding craftsmanship or strictly structuring projects for OSHA standards.

Years of working for The Cabinet Shop (owned by L. Edgar Wheeler) taught him that attention to detail, craftsmanship and dexterity were fundamental for longevity in the construction industry.

Donnie is responsible for day-to-day operations and general oversight of the firm’s Special Projects Group. This sector of the firm specializes in public and private commercial construction projects valued at $4M and under. By embracing challenging project requirements, Donnie cultivates corporate growth and experience unparalleled by the fiercest competition.