Project Delivery Methods

We are committed to establishing and engaging in long term relationships built upon the principles of integrity, dedication, quality craftsmanship and unwavering work ethic. By providing our clients with multiple delivery methods of construction, we empower our Clients to work with a process that suits their needs and goals.

Construction Management

This completely transparent method of project delivery encompasses over 98% of our portfolio. Our Clients seem to prefer this method of construction due to the integration and engagement of our team from the onset of construction; assisting with the early stages of construction to include planning and budgeting which are key to establishing and maintaining their goals.


  • Team Concept
  • Savings Returned to the Owner
  • Selection based on best value not cheapest
  • Design Phase Assistance
  • Complete Transparency
  • Faster Schedule Delivery
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)
  • Fixed Fee for Construction Services
  • CM is at Risk for schedule and price
  • Competitive Bids on all Trades
  • Pre-qualification of Subcontractors
  • Manage DBE/WMBE Participation
  • Single Point of Responsibility
  • Less Chance of Change Orders
  • Complete financial transparency and information disclosed monthly


  • May have limited # of qualified Construction Managers that have proven experience, effective preconstruction services and systems in place
  • Potential for adversarial relationship with architect and CM if architect doesn’t have experience working with CM during design phase

General Contracting

This particular delivery method enables our team to provide construction administration and supervision after the design is completed; adhering to the schedule and supervising the subcontractors towards a successfully completed project.


  • Familiar Delivery Method
  • Defined Scope
  • Single Point of Responsibility
  • Open, Aggressive Bidding


  • No design phase assistance/Value Engineering
  • High probability of change orders
  • Price not established until bidding
  • Adversarial relationship with Owner
  • Lack of flexibility for change
  • No savings turned over to the Owner
  • Selection based on price and not qualifications
  • Premiums for owners change
  • No transparency


We can provide our Clients a step-by-step delivery method that entails all aspects of construction from the initial steps of site development and selection to design and construction. Being a 100% local firm, we have solid relationships with many engineers and architects in the area which is paramount to completing any project in adherence to our Client’s goals and objectives.


  • Total responsibility for design and construction
  • Selection Flexible
  • Single Point of Contact for Design and Construction Phases
  • Faster Schedule Delivery
  • Assist with design of building and site selection


  • No check and balance
  • Potential for Owners to have less control
  • Potential for adversarial relationship between Owner and DB Team if scope not defined