Value Added Services

As part of our Client Experience model of construction delivery, our firm enhances each project with specific value added services that help cultivate transparency and compliance. These services are distinctive to our firm in that we provide in-house expertise and management of quality control and public communication in order to assist with the fluidity and success of each project we procure. With the use of the latest in technology and social media, our internal, value added experts bring a unique aspect to our standard construction process that enhances the client’s experience and sets our firm apart from the rest.


ComplianceSafety/Compliance Officer

  • Internal Safety and Compliance Officer on staff
  • Measures and adheres to all safety regulations and standards throughout the project
  • Utilizes iAuditor to administer on-site safety inspections periodically during project
  • Tracks and records all safety inspections and compliance information
  • Provides internal safety training and staff requirements
  • Manages all badging and licensing requirements for each project
  • Submits all safety inspections and other project information to OSHA
  • Maintains employee database of OSHA training and certifications

Public InformationPublic Information Officer

  • Internal Public Information Officer on staff
  • Provides stakeholders with project information and communication
  • Assists with public meetings and designs charrettes
  • Manages all project related social media
  • Writes and distributes project press releases
  • Organizes media days on-site if necessary
  • Utilizes StreetDeetz mobile app to capture and distribute up-to-date project information
  • Captures progress photos and videos throughout construction via webcams, drones, and digital photography
  • Maintains public engagement and involvement through the construction process