• Tips for Running Your Construction Business

    Competition within the construction industry can be extremely cut-throat at times. To beat out the competition, it is important for your firm to create a unique business model centered around the idea of creating a competitive advantage. Whether that be performing services better, doing business faster, or cheaper than your competitors, it all starts with […]

  • Deciding to Lease or Buy Construction Equipment

    Diggers, Bulldozers, Lifts, Oh My! Without the proper tools it is nearly impossible for construction workers to complete a project. Having the necessary equipment on hand is essential for worker productivity, efficiency, and is overall imperative to the success of any construction company or contractor. Knowing what equipment is needed to complete any given project […]

  • Building a Culture of Safety in Construction

    Your Business’ Commitment to Safety Matters Working in the construction industry can be extremely dangerous. For business owners within the industry, ensuring employee safety should be a number one concern. Although, checking off a safety checklist and participating in monthly training exercises may satisfy most requirements, employers should go above and beyond when it comes […]

  • Social Media in Construction

    It should be no surprise that social media plays a huge role in the marketing and promotion of nearly every business. The construction industry is not immune to this fact. Social media serves as a major way to effectively create awareness about your business, build trust in your community and with your customers, and make […]

  • Surprising New Color Trend

    You might have heard people say that “adding a pop of color” helps make a statement in a design. Well, what if I told you that this new trend is just the opposite of what many have been suggesting for years. Nearly everywhere you look you may be noticing black accents in new construction and […]