• Key Considerations Before Starting Your Own Construction Company

    Howard Wheeler, II started Chris-Tel Construction in 1989, at only 21 years old. While not completely unheard of, starting a business at 21 years old is definitely rare. Howard however had the determination and knack for doing the right thing coupled with the construction knowledge to get his business off the ground. For Chris-Tel’s complete […]

  • Maintaining Heavy-Duty Construction Equipment

    Working in the construction industry means handling a great deal of heavy-duty equipment. Normal wear and tear can be expected in this type of work environment however, it is important to perform routine maintenance to prevent any serious damage. Spending the money upfront to take proper care of the equipment can end up saving your […]

  • Ethical Issues in the Construction Industry

    In the construction industry, there are numerous issues that could be potential ethical hazards if not responded to properly or if the level of awareness is low. Some of the most common unethical conduct witnessed by contractors deals with “kick-backs” or bribes, double billing, bid cutting, lack of safety ethics, unfair treatment among many other […]

  • Tips for Running Your Construction Business

    Competition within the construction industry can be extremely cut-throat at times. To beat out the competition, it is important for your firm to create a unique business model centered around the idea of creating a competitive advantage. Whether that be performing services better, doing business faster, or cheaper than your competitors, it all starts with […]

  • Deciding to Lease or Buy Construction Equipment

    Diggers, Bulldozers, Lifts, Oh My! Without the proper tools it is nearly impossible for construction workers to complete a project. Having the necessary equipment on hand is essential for worker productivity, efficiency, and is overall imperative to the success of any construction company or contractor. Knowing what equipment is needed to complete any given project […]