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Published November 23, 2019

Our Services

As Construction Managers, we endeavor to ensure that the Client’s objectives and intent are carried out to satisfaction by maintaining budgets, adhering to the project schedule and operating in a fully coordinated manner with the Owner. Our client-oriented approach to any project consists of a four-step process that ensures delivery of a successful project on time and within budget.

Project Development

Our team is involved from the early planning phases of a project all the way through to close-out and warranty management, assisting our clients every step of the way.


Our pre-construction team is the most talented and experienced in the area. We offer our clients design assistance to identify constructability issues, determine alternate materials and equipment and perform numerous value-engineering exercises throughout design.


Throughout construction, our team of experienced professionals will provide on-site supervision from the initial groundbreaking to building turnover. We will assign a single point of contact to coordinate and communicate project information with key stakeholders to make everyone’s life easier.

Close Out

Closing out a project is a continuous process from the onset of the project to avoid incomplete project documentation.

Chris-Tel Intel

The Chris-Tel Intel Suite of Services that our firm offers is designed to enhance our client’s experience. In addition to our staff’s extensive knowledge and professionalism, we go above and beyond for our clients throughout the entire construction process. Our firm enhances each project with specific value added services that help cultivate transparency and compliance.

Unmatched Pre-Construction Services

By engaging our pre-construction team early on in the construction process, we are able to become an integral part of the design team by providing cost estimating and value engineering solutions.

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Building Information Modeling

Chris-Tel has an in-house BIM associate responsible for incorporating BIM technology into all phases of the project

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Public Information Officer

We provide in-house expertise and management of quality control and public communication in order to assist with the fluidity and success of each project we procure.

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Chris-Tel P.A.R.T. Safety Program

Safety is the primary goal and top priority at Chris-Tel Construction. Our staff is 100% committed to keeping themselves, the subcontractors, the jobsite and the public safe each day on every project.

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