• Building a Culture of Safety in Construction

    Your Business’ Commitment to Safety Matters Working in the construction industry can be extremely dangerous. For business owners within the industry, ensuring employee safety should be a number one concern. Although, checking off a safety checklist and participating in monthly training exercises may satisfy most requirements, employers should go above and beyond when it comes […]

  • Social Media in Construction

    It should be no surprise that social media plays a huge role in the marketing and promotion of nearly every business. The construction industry is not immune to this fact. Social media serves as a major way to effectively create awareness about your business, build trust in your community and with your customers, and make […]

  • Surprising New Color Trend

    You might have heard people say that “adding a pop of color” helps make a statement in a design. Well, what if I told you that this new trend is just the opposite of what many have been suggesting for years. Nearly everywhere you look you may be noticing black accents in new construction and […]

  • The Future of Construction Technology

    It seems as though each and every day more and more technological advancements come to light. From artificial intelligence (AI), self-driving cars, and augmented reality, the possibilities are endless. But what does all this mean for the construction industry? How will the industry be impacted and what can construction workers expect to see in the […]

  • Construction Industry Trend- Metal Roofs

    Once used almost exclusively for commercial buildings and industrial warehouses, metal roofs are becoming increasingly more popular for residential projects. From multi-story apartment complexes to single-family homes, metal roofs are all the rage. Several home-improvement shows brought attention to this new roofing trend and the construction industry was quick to follow as a response to […]