• Retrofitting – A Sustainable Alternative

    Retrofitting has become a major trend in construction in recent years. Retrofitting is defined as “the addition of new technology or features to older systems”. In construction, it is used to bring new life to buildings that need renovating by utilizing the existing infrastructure to accommodate a new business. The trend of retrofitting has taken off […]

  • Marketing’s Role in Construction

    Marketing is essential to any business, no matter what industry that business is in, but marketing has become increasingly important in the construction industry. We are accustomed to the marketing of things like pharmaceuticals and technology products, but we must consider the importance of marketing in the construction industry. From branding to integrated marketing communications, […]

  • The Future of Construction: Virtual and Augmented Reality

    The construction industry is ever changing with the integration of new technology. Virtual reality has been playing a role in the construction industry for the past 55 years in in the form of BIM, or building information modeling.  Originally developed in 1962, BIM is a visual representation of the characteristics of a construction plan, both […]

  • The Importance of Historic Preservation

    The preservation of historic sites enables a city to reflect on the past while preparing for the future. Historic sites are an integral aspect of any community, providing visitors with an education of how the community was formed. There are many benefits of preserving historic sites, including an abundance of intrinsic value, an appealing aesthetic, […]

  • Common Myths About Construction

    People in the construction business are constantly forced to debunk some common perceptions and myths about construction. Here are some of the most common myths: Anybody can do their own general contracting.   In order to be able to handle and manage general construction, basic proficiency in the main construction processes is required, so that […]