• Construction Trends: What to Expect in 2018

    Technology played a large part in construction industry trends in 2017, and we don’t expect that to change in 2018. However, we do expect even more advances in technology this year.  With new and exciting challenges facing the construction industry on a daily basis, we must become more innovative and continue to think outside of […]

  • Review of 2017 Construction Trends

    2017 has been a year full of development and growth in the construction industry. From “staying green” to increased collaboration, and even the implementation of virtual reality, the industry has pushed the limits over to past year in terms of technology and partnership.  2017 has truly been the year of the trends.  These trends have […]

  • LEEDing the Way

    Today, “going green” involves far more than just recycling plastics and turning off the lights before leaving a room. With a growing emphasis placed on environmental preservation, construction companies are feeling the pressure to be as environmentally conscious as possible. This has led to the formation of many industry standards and certifications, one of which […]

  • Retrofitting – A Sustainable Alternative

    Retrofitting has become a major trend in construction in recent years. Retrofitting is defined as “the addition of new technology or features to older systems”. In construction, it is used to bring new life to buildings that need renovating by utilizing the existing infrastructure to accommodate a new business. The trend of retrofitting has taken off […]

  • Marketing’s Role in Construction

    Marketing is essential to any business, no matter what industry that business is in, but marketing has become increasingly important in the construction industry. We are accustomed to the marketing of things like pharmaceuticals and technology products, but we must consider the importance of marketing in the construction industry. From branding to integrated marketing communications, […]