• Flexibility to Avoid Failing

    Engineers know that if a building is designed in a rigid manner it will fail under the pressure exerted by trying and changing events. I feel the same is true of companies. Have you witnessed the rise and fall of companies or organizations that get so entrenched and inflexible that they will not or cannot […]

  • Construction Toolbox: How Our Process Promotes Progress

    There are processes for everything. “Google it” is a standard household saying. If you don’t know how to do something, Google will…guaranteed. How to change the oil in your car, how to cook a gourmet meal, how to remodel a bathroom. The list goes on and on. There is one process however that you won’t […]

  • This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Swimming Pool

    Residential projects are not the bread and butter of Chris-Tel Construction. However when your client wants a two-story, outdoor entertainment area, to include a suspended lap pool, you make it work! Our firm has was chosen to provide construction management services for a very unique project on Gasparilla Island in Boca Grande, Florida. It began […]

  • The Use of Drones in Construction

    The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s a.k.a drones) is changing the way construction companies do business. The use of camera mounted drones on a construction site can offer a unique view on the project. Construction companies make use of drones to obtain aerial photos of a project, provide real-time progress, identify potentially hazardous or […]

  • Precon Matters: The Importance of a Good Estimator

    Precon Matters. It is the most important step in any commercial construction project. In the preconstruction phase, critical value engineering decisions can be made and directions can be changed, much easier than in later stages of the project. The decisions made during this stage can and will help you to determine the critical path of […]