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Common Myths About Construction

Published April 26, 2017

People in the construction business are constantly forced to debunk some common perceptions and myths about construction. Here are some of the most common myths:

  • Anybody can do their own general contracting.

In order to be able to handle and manage general construction, basic proficiency in the main construction processes is required, so that the building work can be done safely and properly. Also, general contractors need to know when a permit is required and how to obtain it, also make an efficient schedule for material supply as well as manage the complicated network of subcontractors and suppliers for the construction project. The general contractor is the one responsible for ensuring that there is swift communication between the client, the architects, the project managers and the subcontractors hired for the project. This is why many states require that the general contractors are licensed.

  • You can just pick any general contractor you want

Since every construction project is unique, it is crucial that you find a general contractor who has experience and whom you can trust to meet your requirements. Choosing the proper general contractor can save you a lot of money, time and protect you from potential problems with delays in the supplies, low quality construction work, inability to stick to the budget, non-conforming construction materials, etc.

Always as for referrals when picking the appropriate general contractor for your project. Look for general contractors who have a history of good reputation, repeat clients as well as repeat subcontractors. Make sure you check out a variety of contractors before picking the best one for you. In some cases, choosing one who asks for lower price may mean a lower quality of the services provided, so be aware of that too. Be sure to request detailed information regarding the expertise of the members of the general contracting team too, including the experience and qualifications of the project managers as well as the superintendents. Also, do they have a construction management software and quality management system implemented for their work?

  • Hard costs for general contracting is negotiable

The fact is that a reputable and experienced general contractor will diligently calculate the hard cost for your project, given the team of subcontractors which will be used, as well as all services, labor and materials included. Based on the calculation, the general contractor will add a percentage for their, negotiations for the hard price, without hindering the quality and outcome of the project are impossible. Of course, a reliable and experienced contractor should be able to reduce the costs by choosing more cost effective alternatives for the various parts of the project and for the materials, but without hindering the quality of the end result.

  • Being in the construction business is dangerous

Yes, construction sites and construction work with heavy and hazardous tools and materials can be dangerous, but nowadays, the safety standards and all the regulations being implemented has led to a significant decrease in the number of fatal injuries in the construction industry. In fact, the Department of Labor statistics show that these fatalities have been decreasing every year since 2006. Now construction companies develop and follow detailed risk management plans, and provide regular monitoring, training and compliance to the safety procedures of the workers on the site. Also, the construction tools are built in a safer way, and the personal protection equipment, steel toe work boots and gear are becoming more efficient and safer than ever.

  • People work in the construction business because they can’t find other jobs

Actually, most people in the construction industry want to be in this line of work. There are numerous jobs available in the construction business, which require many different skill-sets. Also, people who start early at a younger age, get more experience and learn more construction jobs and tasks through the years of experience. Plus, work is usually from Monday to Friday, and any overtime is fairly paid. Last but not least, these people enjoy producing something and being able to watch it grow, as well as to admire the product of their hard work for years to come after they are done.

Written by M.Pierce: Michael is a blogger, footwear enthusiast, and the editor of My Bootprint. He hopes to help the constructors find the most appropriate construction boots for their needs.