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Review of 2017 Construction Trends

Published December 14, 2017

2017 has been a year full of development and growth in the construction industry. From “staying green” to increased collaboration, and even the implementation of virtual reality, the industry has pushed the limits over to past year in terms of technology and partnership.  2017 has truly been the year of the trends.  These trends have had a great influence on the construction industry, creating an environment that allows new technologies to flourish while collaboration remains prevalent.

One of the most talked about developments of 2017 is the use of virtual reality in construction.  Virtual reality has been a trend in the gaming industry over the past few years, allowing players to feel as though they are inside of the game.  In the construction industry, it allows users to view walls, plumping, buildings, etc. that are not in place yet.  This allows builders to see and correct any issues that may arise during construction before they occur.  It also allows clients to view how a space will look when complete in real time.  It is expected that virtual reality will play an increasingly large role in construction in upcoming years.

Another huge trend this year in the construction industry is the use of the Internet of Things (IoT).  The IoT consists of anything and everything that moves data across the web, including smartphones, GPS, Cloud sharing, and SaaS (Software-as-a-Service).  This allows all of those in the construction industry to quickly and easily communicate information whether it be in the form of pictures, documents, time tracking, or inventory.  Virtual reality is also included in the IoT.  The usage of the IoT has greatly increased productivity, and looks to be a trend that will continue and develop further in 2018.

“Going green” has been a massive movement around the world in past years in efforts to better our environment.  This year, the trend of “staying green” was popular.  Everyone in the industry has been hard at work over the past years to conserve energy and protect resources.  Most of those in the industry participate in green construction, aiming for the LEED Certification.  While most have “gone green”, “staying green” was the trend in 2017.  What’s the difference?  “Staying green” involves an even greater commitment to environmental responsibility.  Those “staying green” are striving to continue and their green practices now and in the future.

Collaboration has been popular in 2017. Those in the construction industry are seeing how working together sometimes has a greater effect than working alone, and this does not just speak for revenue gains. The industry has collaborated to create all of the major trends of 2017: advancing technology in terms of virtual reality and the IoT and taking an even greater responsibility when it comes to the environment.  Without collaboration, the industry would not be able to grow and develop as it has in 2017.  We cannot wait to see what the industry can discover by working together in 2018 and for years to come.