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Surprising New Color Trend

Published April 3, 2019

You might have heard people say that “adding a pop of color” helps make a statement in a design. Well, what if I told you that this new trend is just the opposite of what many have been suggesting for years. Nearly everywhere you look you may be noticing black accents in new construction and interior design. Well, many people believe that when used correctly, black accents can have the same effect as “adding a pop of color”.

How is this color being used in design?

Black has been used more and more in modern designs. One of the newest trends is using black interior finish on window applications to add depth and dimension to an otherwise flat room. Black accents are an eye-catching element which draw the focal point in a room to specific design features. For instance, having black surrounding the window draws your attention to the view outside.

On the exterior of homes, black is a popular color choice among the metal roof options available which is becoming more and more popular (refer to our blog Construction Industry Trend-Metal Roofs). Some individuals have even gone as far as painting the whole exterior of their home in, you guessed it… black. This intense color choice makes a very dramatic statement and is an extremely bold design decision.

More subtle design choices:

For those individuals that are more risk-averse, using black on the interior of a home is more likely. Inside homes, black is used as an accent color on things like hardware, appliances, flatware, pillow coverings, bathtubs, etc. When paired with white elements, black accents can provide a much-needed sense of balance to a space. These design applications are most effectively used in modern and some traditional spaces in which black offers an elegant touch.

Aside from these effects, black can even increase the perceived value of whatever it is masking. It offers a very polished and sophisticated look.

It is important to note however, that these principles only apply in moderation. Too much black can make a space gloomy and dark. It can also be extremely overwhelming.

For homeowners looking to make a bold design decision, using black elements throughout the home might be the perfect solution. Research some of the trends discussed in this blog and draw inspiration from others before deciding on the best look for you.

Architects, builders, and interior designers looking to make their homes stand out should look to utilize black features in their designs. The growing enthusiasm for this new design trend will continue throughout 2019.