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Tips for Running Your Construction Business

Published August 30, 2019

Competition within the construction industry can be extremely cut-throat at times. To beat out the competition, it is important for your firm to create a unique business model centered around the idea of creating a competitive advantage. Whether that be performing services better, doing business faster, or cheaper than your competitors, it all starts with sound business practices. The following are a few tips for running your construction business smoothly.

1. A Good Business Starts with a Good Team.

First things first, hiring the right individuals to work for your company is extremely important. This goes beyond simply screening candidates to determine whether they have the skill to perform the job. It also means determining whether they fit in with the already established company culture (i.e. personality, work ethic, values, etc.). You want individuals on your team that are good communicators, that lead by example, are thorough and always come prepared.

2. Employee Retention is Crucial.

That being said, it is not enough to simply hire these types of individuals. It is equally as important to retain them as employees. To do this, your firm must ensure a positive work environment. Avoid micromanaging your employees. Instead, empower your employees to make important decisions on their own. Make sure that coworkers get along and effectively communicate with one another. Lastly, offer ways for employees to provide feedback, comments, and suggestions about the company’s business practices.

Here at Chris-Tel Construction, we take our hiring process very seriously. We vet all our job candidates to determine work ethic, personality type, company fit, and most importantly ethical decision making. This is one area we pride ourselves on as a company. It is one way in which we set ourselves apart from our competitors.

3. Decide on a Niche.

I assure you; your company can’t do everything. At least not well. Determine your project preferences and focus on doing one thing exceptionally well. In doing so, your company will take on jobs from clients with similar clients and you’ll be working on projects that you truly enjoy.

4. Utilize New Technology.

Not only does this help to improve efficiency, but it also serves to improve the safety of your workers. All things considered, staying up to date with the latest technology trends can save your business a lot of money in the long run.

5. Don’t Forget About Customer Service.

Never forget about the people who make running your business possible; your clients. After all, the construction business is a people business. Your firm should put customer service above everything else. When your customers are happy, they are likely to spread positive things about your company to other people, thus increasing your client base. It is also a way to earn repeat business.

6. Effective Communication is Key.

Making sure that everyone is on the same page makes projects run smoother and minimizes errors. For this to be done well, employees must be aware of and understand the chain of command.

If your firm follows these general guidelines and tips for running your construction business smoothly, your competition won’t stand a chance.