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Construction Toolbox: How Our Process Promotes Progress

Published June 15, 2016

There are processes for everything. “Google it” is a standard household saying. If you don’t know how to do something, Google will…guaranteed. How to change the oil in your car, how to cook a gourmet meal, how to remodel a bathroom. The list goes on and on. There is one process however that you won’t find on the internet and that is our four step, client oriented process to construction management.

As Construction Managers, we endeavor to ensure that the Client’s objectives and intent are carried out to satisfaction by maintaining budgets, adhering to the project schedule and operating in a fully coordinated manner with the Owner. Our client oriented approach to any project consists of a four step process that ensures delivery of a successful project on time and within budget.

We have the experience of 266 years of construction expertise on staff to not only have the understanding of the work needed to be completed but also the knowledge of how best to get it done. Our relationships with various permitting and regulatory agencies around Southwest Florida and our familiarity with the local labor market are just some of the considerable assets to working with Chris-Tel Construction.

Step 1: Preconstruction. This crucial step enables our estimating staff to figure take off quantities and price items internally to ensure quality and competitive pricing for the project. In depth review of design drawings and specifications are done to ensure constructability and to determine the budget of Guaranteed Maximum Price (per the owner).

Step 2: Bidding. Immediately following the precon stage, our staff will develop a bid package with specifications based on the constructability reviews. These bid packages are sent out to local subcontractors from our database (some of which are DBE/WMBE businesses) and are reviewed with the owner. Bidders are pre-qualified and awarded based on responsiveness and the owner’s budget. Sometimes the lowest price isn’t the best value.

Step 3: Construction. During this phase we manage the construction schedule aggressively to ensure that progress is being made in conjunction with the owner’s objectives. We utilize industry specific software and reporting techniques to ensure budget and costs are in line with the goals of the project. Quality control and subcontractor management is key in this step, enabling the owner to have confidence that the construction manager they hired is taking the right steps for project success.

Step 4: Commissioning/Close-Out. As a local firm, we always provide a prompt response to any warranty items. The turnover of data in the form of manuals, submittals, videos, product warranties, binders, etc. is collaborated with the project management staff and the owner enabling the owner to feel confident with the product provided. We offer training on the use of equipment ensuring a smooth transition and provide a one year warranty on all work and services performed during the project. In most cases, the owner can contact us at any time after the project is complete with questions and we will be able to assist them.


Not only does this process promote progress, it also promotes an ownership that we feel during and even after the project is complete. Our relationship with the owner is the most important to our staff. That relationship begins with the first introduction and it doesn’t end when we turn over the keys. Our sense of responsibility remains intact months and sometimes years after a project is complete.