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Chris-Tel Construction’s Marathon Office

Published September 26, 2023

Ever wonder why Chris-Tel Construction chose Marathon, FL, for their second office location? We sat down with Howard Wheeler, President of Chris-Tel, and Steve Hurley, Manager of the Florida Keys, and asked them why. Check out the video to hear what they had to say.

August 2023 | Chris-Tel Construction Becoming a Dominant Force in the Florida Keys

Chris-Tel Construction’s presence is rapidly growing in the Florida Keys. In 2019, Chris-Tel opened their second office in Marathon, Florida. With the firm’s presence now known in the Marathon area, Chris-Tel has recently been awarded several contracts and projects throughout the Florida Keys. Steve Hurley, Manager of the Florida Keys, will take the lead on these projects for the firm. Chris-Tel was awarded the Founders Park Baseball Field Design-Build project by the Monroe County School District. This project will involve renovations to the baseball field, batting cages, and dugouts. Additionally, elevated bleachers, and a multi-use building comprising concession stands, locker rooms, a press box, office space, and equipment storage space will likely be added. For this project, Chris-Tel has teamed up with BSSW Architects and CW3 Engineering. In addition to this project, Chris-Tel was awarded a continuing services contract with the City of Marathon. Under this contract, Chris-Tel will undertake a variety of capital improvement projects for the City.