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Marketing’s Role in Construction

Published July 26, 2017

Marketing is essential to any business, no matter what industry that business is in, but marketing has become increasingly important in the construction industry. We are accustomed to the marketing of things like pharmaceuticals and technology products, but we must consider the importance of marketing in the construction industry. From branding to integrated marketing communications, the construction industry utilizes all aspects of marketing.  Also, with social media becoming a prominent aspect of business in the past 20 years, it is imperative that the construction industry realizes the power available to them through social networks.


Branding, in short, allows a company to differentiate itself from another company in consumers’ minds. This is important in the construction industry because a strong brand image could push a client to use one company over another.  A brand image revolves around the core values of a company.  It includes company names, logos, slogans, colors, etc.  When a customer comes across any of these, the goal is for them to think of your company before they think of others.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Consistency is a very important factor when it comes to marketing. Integrated marketing communications, or IMC, allows for a clear, concise message across all marketing channels.  A consistent message is vital because customers should have only one impression of a company, so there is no confusion about what the company is and what its values are.  For example, Chris-Tel Construction is known for integrity, commitment, expertise, innovation, focus, and collaboration.  This message is delivered through all media outlets including the website, social media, and all forms of advertising.

Social Media

Social media is a relatively new trend in marketing, particularly in the construction industry. The first social media site was developed in 1997.  since then, social media has become an integral aspect of marketing.  Customers enjoy having the ability to follow businesses’ every day activities and stay updated on the happenings of the company.  Social media also allows customers to directly contact businesses without making a phone call or typing an email.  Social media can be utilized in the construction industry to allow both clients and the community to keep up with the progress of certain projects.  Social media also utilizes both branding and IMC.  It creates greater brand awareness by reaching a larger geographic location than traditional marketing methods.  Since social media can be accessed relatively anywhere, there is a greater chance that a larger amount of people will see a company’s posts.  IMC is extremely important in social media, since it allows for such a wide reach.  A clear message across all social media is crucial to keeping a consistent message.

Construction Marketing

With the expansion of marketing methods through social media, it is now more important than ever to utilize marketing as a construction company. Being in a highly competitive industry, the best thing a construction company could do is make itself a prominent brand in their clients’ minds.  It is also important for the public to have a clear understanding of the construction company’s brand, since the end user of many projects is the general public.


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