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The Spirit of Fort Myers: Rachel at the Well Statue Completed

Published July 3, 2017

The following is a article from Art SWFL online:

Hall, Tom | 2017

The Spirit of Fort Myers is a cast stone statue of a Grecian maiden pouring water from an urn into a basin at her feet. The sculpture is the centerpiece of an entryway that features tall, obelisk-capped stanchions and a gently curving white wall crowned by hedges, a black wrought-iron fence and a thicket of tall green trees. The maiden and her pale, yellow-coined columns welcome residents and guests to Edison Park, one of southwest Florida’s oldest and most venerable neighborhoods.

The entrance to Edison Park is located at the intersection of McGregor Boulevard and Llewellen Drive. With a street address of 2404 McGregor Boulevard, The Spirit of Fort Myers stands across the street from the two-story home once occupied by Thomas and Mina Edison and just steps to the west of the Edison-Ford Winter Estates…