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The Use of Drones in Construction

Published May 13, 2016

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s a.k.a drones) is changing the way construction companies do business. The use of camera mounted drones on a construction site can offer a unique view on the project. Construction companies make use of drones to obtain aerial photos of a project, provide real-time progress, identify potentially hazardous or quality control issues and to simply show the client a bird’s eye view of their investment. This view from above can be extremely important when the client or owner is not local. Drone fly overs can help the client monitor the progress of construction from afar, thus helping them save time and money.

Drones can also be used to provide necessary inspection of the structure itself. Rather than employing heavy equipment or a lot of people (which increases costs), the use of a drone can quickly show those involved how solid the structure is and any issues that it may have. Some clients may even prefer the use of a drone due to their idea of expansion. Many owners have future plans already in mind when the first one or two phases of their project gets going. Having the drone flyover video helps to enhance their visions of future expansion and lets them see the entire project site.

Using a drone to record a potential project site is also extremely helpful. At times there are locations that just can’t be reached via driving or walking and a drone flight is the perfect option to “visit” the site. This enables the user to determine whether or not the location possesses the necessary attributes desired for a specific project.

Of course with the use of UAV’s on the project site, there are rules and regulations to abide by from the FAA and other local governing agencies. These policies and procedures should be strictly adhered to in order to avoid fines for non-compliance.

Having the ability to utilize a drone on a construction site can certainly be a benefit to any project. It enables the owner to have real time access to their project from a vantage point that rivals no other.