Second Street between Evans Avenue and Seaboard is a highly traveled two-lane, one-way section of roadway within the City of Fort Myers and is part of State Road 80.

Chris-Tel Construction provided Construction Manager at Risk services to the City of Fort Myers under a continuing services contract for this FDOT Certified project.

The scope of work for the Dean Park/Second Street Drainage Improvements project included the removal and replacement of the aging and undersized storm drain system with a new and larger system. In addition, this section of roadway was rebuilt to current FDOT standards. Incidental work was also completed to include the installation of new curb and gutter, new sidewalks meeting all current ADA and PROWAG standards and restoration.

Project Features

Infrastructure, Heavy


Utility & Drainage Improvements


The City of Fort Myers


David Douglas Associates

Delivery Method:

Construction Manager at Risk

Completion Date:

November 2015

Construction Cost:


Square Footage:

5,280 LF

Avelino Cancel, P.E.

Former City of Fort Myers, Engineering Division

I have recently had the opportunity to work with Chris-Tel Construction for the construction of Dean Park Second Street Drainage Improvements project for the City of Fort Myers where Chris-Tel served as the CM at Risk. Chris-Tel Construction was able to accommodate our needs and fluidly coordinate with the City of Fort Myers, the design team and the subcontractors to complete this project. There were many challenges to this project such as schedule, unforeseen conditions, and an aging existing infrastructure to overcome and were handled and executed perfectly by Chris-Tel Construction’s management team. I recommend Chris-Tel Construction for horizontal construction projects. I express my utmost confidence in their capabilities to deliver quality construction management within budget and under the time confines.